Okay K. O.

Okay K. O.

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  • Autor: Connie Davies
  • Editor: Createspace
  • Relaese Date: 11 November 2014
  • ISBN: 1502511371
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  • Number of page: 198 pages
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Description Okay K. O. de Connie Davies:

The hospital lab failed the state inspection. Kelly O'Connor is suddenly Chief Tech. No more bench work, scrubs, or friends. She has six weeks to correct over 100 deficiencies. She rolled out the pile of procedures to be rewritten in a x-large wheelchair. Big problems at work, her secretary ( the director of the hospital's sister-in-law) can't type, file, or be fired, night Check Willie won't wear socks. One of the phlebotomists prays before she sticks for blood. Patients become unnerved At Home, Kelly hasn't told fairly new husband she could orgasm with regularity if positioned on top- backwards. Youngest son is a circular eater. No telling how much that costs to cure. Her mother insists she join weight watchers to get the free Big Gulp cup. New husband, old husband, both sons and her mother ask how much more money now that you are boss. She should have asked about the money. Nobody was impressed that she got to wear high heels. I was Chief technologist for a small hospital. I did take over the job after the lab failed the state inspection. I never saw my former boss again. My secretary typed, filed, and helped me in every way possible. I didn't like being in charge. I missed the bench work especially bacteriology. So soon as my children were out of college I quit working. I've been married 62 years to one husband. We have four children, none are circular eaters.

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I just read Chapter 1, and it is good.

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This is an absolutely amazing book

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This is an absolutely amazing book

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